Interview with Theo Paphitis on leadership, culture and wellbeing

In a nutshell

Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of the Retail Trust, interviews Theo Paphitis about leadership, culture and wellbeing in this final episode of our ‘Retail Giants’ series.  

Christian Hansen


Christian Hansen

Posted March 1, 2023

Theo Paphitis shot to fame as a dragon on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, but he’s also a great example of someone who’s built a successful career in the retail industry by rescuing struggling businesses and building strong teams. Now the chairperson of Ryman, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue, we were delighted to speak to him as part of our ‘Retail Giants’ series with the Retail Trust.  

In this interview with Chris Brook-Carter, CEO of the Retail Trust, Theo comments on:  

  • How to be a great leader  
  • How people’s expectations of leadership are changing 
  • The importance of being open at work 
  • The link between openness and wellbeing  
  • How to create a positive culture where people can thrive  
  • Can you change the culture of a business?


People are really important in retail. If you are going to the top in retail, you really must like people and be a people person.

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