Why Newton?

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As  a student, it can be hard to decide whether a company is the right fit for you, especially because there are so many grad opportunities to apply for. We asked some of our people how they decided that Newton was the place for them. 

Newton Europe


Newton Europe

Posted November 15, 2022

At university, the options for your future employment feel both boundless and unattainable all at once. At careers fairs and on campus, you have hundreds of employers trying to sell their brand through mounds of leaflets and free doughnuts and it’s up to you to decide who you’re going to choose. Students then tend to fall into one of two categories; either they research nothing and apply to everything, or they cherry pick a very select few employers who they thoroughly research before submitting a job application.

The latter method is likely more time efficient, and results driven, but how exactly do you choose what you want to do and who you want to work for? 

We’ve asked some of our people that exact question, Why Newton?, to help you decide if applying to our grad roles is the right choice for you:

Thea Smith, Digital Consultant, studied Biochemistry


Straight out of uni, I found myself teaching science at a secondary school. Whilst the role provided me with some really valuable experiences, I quickly realised teaching wasn't going to be a long-term career choice. Whilst thinking about what my next move should be, I was randomly reminded of meeting some Newtons giving out coffee on campus in second year, so I decided to give the company a Google.


Immediately, the Newton values resonated: fun, friendship and high performance. I wanted a role that provided variety and challenge; would utilise my analytical skillset at the same time as building relationships; and I wanted to be surrounded by a team of people I would actually enjoy spending time with - Newton seemed to offer all of that.


Thankfully, one year down the line my expectations haven't been disappointed. I've learnt so much - both in terms of professional development and random subject specific knowledge. My work is interesting and the people are good fun. It's an amazing feeling when you can earnestly say - I love my job!

Immediately the Newton values resonated: fun, friendship and high performance

Freddie Underwood, Operations Consultant, studied History


Like many of those at university considering their career prospects, I had a wide variety of interests and struggled to pin down a particular area to concentrate my applications on. As a History student, there was no ‘natural’ progression enjoyed by those in Law or Medicine degrees, for example. I wanted to experience a number of different industries, therefore consulting seemed the natural choice. 


I went to a campus event ran by Newton and was immediately struck by two things. Firstly, the commitment to implementing their ideas alongside clients on the ‘shop floor’, rather simply sending off a PowerPoint deck of recommendations, greatly appealed to me. I wanted to be confident that my ideas would result in change, and partake in that change myself, rather than whirring away at tasks that wouldn’t leave the boardroom. Secondly, the company focus on a positive culture, particularly the commitment to a ring-fenced weekend from Friday at 6pm until Monday morning, stood out amongst other graduate competitors.  


I’m now six months into Newton and have learnt so much. My favourite part of the job is that you’re always moving forward with a project – no two weeks are the same. My main worry before starting was my level of numerical aptitude, particularly having studied History. However, the combination of targeted induction training and seeing my work’s insights really impress clients has seen the digital side of the job quickly become my favourite. 


So far I’ve worked on both a large national defence project and in the heart of government in Westminster - not something I expected of my first sixth months of employment! Newton has enabled me to have those opportunities, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work I’ve helped deliver. 


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